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Worried about supermarket chicken superbugs? Pac ‘n Vac vacuum boxes are proven to inhibit the growth of e-coli

E coli in chickenNew revelations about the presence of e-coli in 25% of supermarket chicken – with the added concern of a ‘superbug’ variety in 1 in 4 tested must be a concern to everyone. But there are some really practical steps you can take.

  1. While all quality food containers + refrigeration slow the growth of bacteria, Pac ‘n Vac food storage boxes go much further, creating an instant vacuum as you seal that effectively inhibits the growth of e-coli and related bugs – but without the need for gadgets or suction devices. Our demo shows how easy this is and you can read more here about the science behind our unique food storage.
  2. As an alternative to chicken from the supermarket Pac ‘n Vac recommends buying from local butchers and local farm shops. Your local butcher will usually be able to give advice on the origin of his chicken and many do ‘ready to cook’ chicken dishes in sauces or with herbs and spices that offer you the convenience of supermarket chicken but with a great deal more taste! Local farm shops often sell chicken from the same county or even farms as local as one or two miles away so you will know exactly where your chicken has been reared. With both these alternatives you are usually saving on food miles and cutting your carbon footprint too.
  3. When you get your chicken home, put it straight in your Pac ‘n Vac instant vacuum food storage box, pushing out the air as you press to seal the box, and put it in the fridge. By choosing boxes with the unique, handy Day Dot Indicator, you have the added assurance of knowing exactly when you purchased the chicken and when it should be eaten.

All kinds of fresh and cooked foods, from raw chicken or fish to pasta dishes, fresh fruit, salad or vegetables stay fresh and safe for up to 8 times longer in Pac ‘n Vac instant vacuum food storage boxes, saving you money week in week out. The boxes are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours, are stackable, dishwasher, freezer and microwave proof. Why not invest in a Pac ‘n Vac set now and take a really practical step towards safer, fresher food storage that saves you and your family money? Buy now from our secure online shop or call us free on 0800 612 6048.