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French Food Waste Law Changing How Grocery Stores Approach Excess Food

For once an excellent European Law coming out of France – it is illegal since 2016 for supermarkets to dump food into landfill. We at Pac ‘n Vac wish this could be adopted right across the board in the EU to stop the incredible wasteage of our food resources. Well done the French and come on the Brits, it is…

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Chicken scandal –

FREE PAC ‘N VAC BOX -Another chicken scandal rolls on – Guardian Two Sisters article….and these are the ones that are discovered. What about the ones that stay hidden! Best source for chicken which has been well bred, fed and cared for is your local butcher who we should all support. May be a bit more expensive but a far better…

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real junk food project

Diners get a taste for less waste with the Real Junk Food Project

Feed Bellies, Not Bins is the slogan of The Real Junk Food Project, a UK food waste charity Founded in Leeds, the charity was set up to prove that much of the food currently thrown away is absolutely fit for human consumption. The charity says: “We use our own judgement on whether we believe the food is fit for human…

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food dating labels

Food dating: confusing labels to be binned

Good food is often thrown away because it has passed the date on the packet. So the Government is planning to scrap ‘overly cautious’ Use By dates on food packaging in favour of ‘Best Before’ labels, when it’s safe to do so. This way people can choose whether to eat food after the date or give it to charity. The…

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‘WASTED! The story of food waste’ movie premiere

A new feature length documentary following top chefs tackling food waste gets its London premiere on Friday 23rd June. Pac n Vac’s David Calvert is delighted that the challenge of food waste is beginning to reach a wider audience. He set up Pac ‘n Vac with the sole mission to treat food with respect and help change the way the…

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Tesco Perfectly Imperfect range

The Perfectly Imperfect range of frozen fruit and veg from Tesco

Tesco says that they are ‘passionate about good fresh fruit and committed to make sure that no good food goes to waste’. And with their Perfectly Imperfect range of frozen fruit and veg it seems they are keeping their word. In reviewing their operations in producing frozen fruit products they found that there was some fruit that was getting wasted…

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Sustainable food packaging is big news

A number of stories about the ability to reuse or recycle containers have featured in the news this month. The Pringles tube was picked out as one of the worst offenders for recyclability. The Recycling Association claimed the metal base, plastic cap, metal tear-off lid and foil lined sleeve was a “nightmare”. However, the BBC news website quickly responded with…

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OFM Awards

Vote for Pac ‘n Vac in the Observer Food Monthly Awards 2017

The Observer Food Monthly Awards, now in their 14th year, have a new category: ‘Best ethical food project’, to recognise businesses which seek to reduce food waste and improve sustainability. If you love Pac ‘n Vac please vote for us – it only takes a minute and everyone who votes has the chance to win great prizes including holidays and…

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3 ways to use up left over Easter eggs

There’s a point after the Easter bunny has paid his annual visit when the unlikeliest food situation can occur, you actually can’t eat any more chocolate… But instead of letting it take up valuable fridge space, turn those chocolatey leftovers into a fabulous breakfast, lunch or dessert. Breakfast Chocolate covered Orange Pancakes Ingredients (Serves 1) For the Pancakes 100g whole…

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Exciting New Food Waste Trends

It seems that more and more of us – at work and at home – are looking for ways to stop wasting food. Over 80% of shoppers are now willing to buy wonky veg and funny fruit if the price is right, according to new research by British firm Blue Yonder. Businesses are getting in on the act too, with…

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