Freezer food-saving tips

How to Pac ‘n Vac ‘n freeze it to save food, time and money

Can you freeze it? Very often the answer is ‘yes you can’. Here are some freezer food-saving tips for less expected foods and ingredients. All of them freeze beautifully, once you know how!


Half eaten pots of dip in danger of discolouration can be spooned into a small Pac ‘n Vac box and frozen for another occasion – and it defrosts and comes out looking perfect.


Don’t throw away those odds and ends of cheese. You can freeze them in small chunks to make cheese scones or add interest to winter soups. Or grate and freeze cheese so it’s ready to use as soon as it’s defrosted. Cool tip: parmesan rinds grated are great in soups, stews or pasta dishes.

Wine Bottle opened and left too long? White, red or rosè, freeze it in ice cube trays, then tip into a Pac ‘n Vac box and freeze it or decant it straight into a box for larger quantities.

freezing-citrus-fruitsCitrus fruits

Freeze slices of lemon or lime for drinks, or orange for drinks or desserts. Cut them in half and freeze ready to squeeze for recipes that call for citrus juice. Do a batch of zest or grated peel and save time when creating desserts.

Fresh herbs

freezing-herbsInstead of waiting for mint, parsley or coriander to wilt in the fridge or on the windowsill, rinse the surplus, pat dry, put in large ice cube sections and top up with oil or butter. Freeze, tip into a Pac ‘n Vac box and they are ready to add straight to any savoury dish – no need to defrost. Cool tip: adding a frozen cube is a good way to smooth out lumps from a sauce such as béchamel.

Biscuit dough

Next time you are cooking with the kids, why not make a double batch of their favourite cookie or biscuit mix, roll it in sausage shapes to fit a Pac ‘n Vac box, wrap in cling film and freeze? Pop it in the fridge in the morning and by the time they come home from school, you can just slice and bake. Saves ££££s, time, tastes twice as nice as supermarket cookies and it’s FUN.

Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage boxes are freezer safe

And don’t forget: there are unique benefits to Pac ‘n Vac instant vacuum food boxes that make it even easier to freeze – and save!

  • Pac ‘n Vac’s instant food-preserving vacuum seal means the contents keep their super-fresh look and taste and foods such as avocados, apples or pâtés and terrines are less likely to discolour than those stored in standard food boxes.
  • You can microwave food to cook it in a Pac ‘n Vac storage box and transfer the box straight to the freezer, saving time and washing up.
  • domesticBecause Pac ‘n Vac boxes are clear, you don’t have to open up to see what’s inside, so food stays hermetically sealed until you need it. Add the optional day-dot indicator and you can easily record when you put the box in the freezer or when it should be consumed by.
  • All Pac ‘n Vac boxes, whether from the domestic or professional ranges, are fully stackable – helping you use your freezer space as efficiently as possible.

You’ll find lots more food-saving ideas on this site, including delicious, easy to cook recipes for complete dishes. Why not, save money by cooking double quantities and freezing half, saving leftovers or taking advantage of bargains when foods are in season, such as strawberries or green beans and freezing them for later in the year?

With food-saving Pac ‘n Vac plastic food storage boxes you can be sure of freezing food in the most efficient way possible. And as all Pac ‘n Vac boxes go straight from microwave to freezer or dishwasher, there’s no need for separate sets of boxes because one set does the job of all. Why not check out all the colours and sizes available in our secure online shop right now?