Snap out the air, seal in the freshness with Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage boxes! Stackable freezer, dishwasher and microwavable BPA-free containers that pay for themselves.

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  • domestic-vacuum-food-storage-container-3600ml_Green

    Large Storage Container (3600ml)

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  • domestic-vacuum-food-storage-container-1500ml_Blue

    Medium Storage Container (1500ml)

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  • domestic-vacuum-food-storage-container-860ml_Red

    Small Storage Container (860ml)

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  • domestic-vacuum-food-storage-container-dd-3600ml_Green

    Large Storage Container (3600ml) with Day Dot

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  • domestic-vacuum-food-storage-container-dd-1500ml_Blue

    Medium Storage Container (1500ml) with Day Dot

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  • domestic-vacuum-food-storage-container-dd-860ml_Red

    Small Storage Container (860ml) with Day Dot

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  • domestic-vacuum-food-storage-container-set-Yellow

    Storage Container Set – 3 piece

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  • domestic-vacuum-food-storage-container-set-dd-Yellow

    Storage Container Set with Day Dot – 3 piece

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