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Vote for Pac ‘n Vac in the Observer Food Monthly Awards 2017

The Observer Food Monthly Awards, now in their 14th year, have a new category: ‘Best ethical food project’, to recognise businesses which seek to reduce food waste and improve sustainability. If you love Pac ‘n Vac please vote for us – it only takes a minute and everyone who votes has the chance to win […]

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3 ways to use up left over Easter eggs

There’s a point after the Easter bunny has paid his annual visit when the unlikeliest food situation can occur, you actually can’t eat any more chocolate… But instead of letting it take up valuable fridge space, turn those chocolatey leftovers into a fabulous breakfast, lunch or dessert. Breakfast Chocolate covered Orange Pancakes Ingredients (Serves 1) […]

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Exciting New Food Waste Trends

It seems that more and more of us – at work and at home – are looking for ways to stop wasting food. Over 80% of shoppers are now willing to buy wonky veg and funny fruit if the price is right, according to new research by British firm Blue Yonder. Businesses are getting in […]

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5 ways Pac ‘n Vac instant vacuum food storage saves you money over Christmas …

With the expense of luxury items, extra guests and the inevitable leftovers it’s easy to overspend on Christmas food. But here are 5 practical ways Pac ‘n Vac can help you cut the cost by making sure delicious Christmas food doesn’t go to waste. Buy in advance and keep it fresh for up to 40% […]

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Black Friday offers!

Get ready for Black Friday! We have some great money saving offers on all our products, just for 24 hours only starting at midnight on 25th November. A massive 50% off all our Lunchpacs and 40% off both our domestic and professional range of plastic food storage containers, all with the revolutionary no gadget vacuum […]

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Worried about supermarket chicken superbugs? Pac ‘n Vac vacuum boxes are proven to inhibit the growth of e-coli

New revelations about the presence of e-coli in 25% of supermarket chicken – with the added concern of a ‘superbug’ variety in 1 in 4 tested must be a concern to everyone. But there are some really practical steps you can take. While all quality food containers + refrigeration slow the growth of bacteria, Pac […]

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