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Diners get a taste for less waste with the Real Junk Food Project

Feed Bellies, Not Bins is the slogan of The Real Junk Food Project, a UK food waste charity Founded in Leeds, the charity was set up to prove that much of the food currently thrown away is absolutely fit for human consumption. The charity says: “We use our own judgement on whether we believe the […]

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‘WASTED! The story of food waste’ movie premiere

A new feature length documentary following top chefs tackling food waste gets its London premiere on Friday 23rd June. Pac n Vac’s David Calvert is delighted that the challenge of food waste is beginning to reach a wider audience. He set up Pac ‘n Vac with the sole mission to treat food with respect and […]

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Black Friday offers!

Get ready for Black Friday! We have some great money saving offers on all our products, just for 24 hours only starting at midnight on 25th November. A massive 50% off all our Lunchpacs and 40% off both our domestic and professional range of plastic food storage containers, all with the revolutionary no gadget vacuum […]

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Pac ‘n Vac Lunchpacs Sale – Save 30%!

Whether you’re heading for the park, the beach or a day out, you always picnic in style with Pac ‘n Vac Lunchpacs – and with our Summer price reduction from £7.99 to £5.59 each, the time to buy is now! As you’d expect from Pac ‘n Vac, our Lunchpacks combine practicality, elegance and great food-saving […]

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Pac ‘n Vac Lunchpacs make summer school lunches safer

lunch pacsGreat news! You can make your child’s pack lunch not only fresher but safer too, by putting it in one of our Pac ‘n Vac Lunchpacs.  With schools increasingly concerned about food safety, especially during hot weather, Pac ‘n Vac school Lunchpacs go further than just freshness. While the Lunchpac itself keeps the food cool with internal insulation, a vacuum food storage box in the base goes one step better than airtight, creating a vacuum around the food that helps to keep it in optimum condition all morning.

Pac ‘n Vac school lunch packs are mega-practical, too. Simply put your child’s sandwiches, rolls, pasta salad or whatever in the vacuum food box overnight in the fridge. Then in the morning, pop it in the special super-insulated base of the bag, put a drink and some fruit in the top section and they’re ready to go! To keep the food extra cold, you could add your own gel pack to the base of the Pac ‘n Vac Lunchpac.

Pac ‘n Vac Lunchpacs come in the coolest of contemporary designs in a fabulous choice of wipe-clean fabrics, from plain black or blue to funky circles, stripes or flowers. Choose one of the Pac ‘n Vac school lunch packs with a vacuum food storage box included for the freshest, safest pack lunches in school.

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