About Pacnvac

Key Benefits



Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage creates an instant, natural vacuum that keeps food fresher for longer. While other similar sounding products involve special machines, tubes and extractors to remove the air, none of this is required for Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage containers.

With Pac ‘n Vac new generation vacuum food storage, you can remove the air that damages fresh food in an instant, just by snapping the unique button shut and pressing the lid without the need for suction devices, bags or gadgets. The result? Food storage so efficient it easily pays for itself.

How Pac ‘n Vac saves you money – and time

By keeping food fresh for up to 8 times longer, Pac‘n’ Vac vacuum food storage boxes start cutting your food wastage from day one. That means fewer trips to the supermarket, fewer food purchases and a saving on petrol or fares. And all our boxes are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, so there’s no need for special cooking equipment or bags. With a single, smart vacuum food storage system doing the job of so many items, you save money, time, trouble and storage space.

Keeping fresh food looking as good as the day you bought it

Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage really comes into its own when storing items like salad, soft fruit, meat or fish. With the microbes that cause food damage removed before you pop the box in the fridge, everything from strawberries to salmon fillets looks and stays fresher for longer – so it’s safer too. The Pac ‘n Vac advanced vacuum seal also preserves valuable vitamins and minerals.

A range of sizes and colours, all stackable for the shelf, fridge or freezer

Whether you choose our domestic range for the home, or our professional range for restaurateurs and caterers, there are Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food boxes to suit your needs, all available singly or in sets, all with see-through lids so you can see the contents, sturdy clip-down sides and the unique Pac ‘n Vac button for instant vacuum freshness. Visit our Shop for more information and to buy now.

day-dot-indicatorChoose the day dot indicator for even better freshness monitoring

The unique Pac n vac day dot indicator means you can record when you put the item in the fridge, when you bought it or when it should be consumed … it’s up to you. Just add the day dot indicator to your product(s) when you order, for a small extra charge. Instead of wondering whether food is still fresh and good to eat, you’ll know for sure.

… plus more reasons to feel good about choosing Pac ‘n Vac

Forget the chemicals, electricity or waste involved in conventional vacuum storage. With Pac ‘n Vac you have the reassurance of a simple, natural vacuum process, and a BPA-free container that’s not only manufactured in our own facility in Sussex but from UK-sourced materials. So even when your Pac‘n Vac vacuum food storage boxes are delivered to your door, their carbon footprint is 80% smaller than if you bought ordinary plastic food boxes imported from China, where most are manufactured.

But don’t just take our word for it. As an innovative and highly effective new form of food storage, Pac‘n’Vac has already picked up some significant awards and certifications, as well as testimonials from delighted customers.