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Frequently Asked Questions


What is different about Pac ‘n Vac?

While ordinary plastic food boxes simply seal food in an airtight container, Pac‘n Vac new generation food storage boxes allow you to vacuum seal the food in seconds, resulting in food that stays, looks and tastes fresher for up to 40% longer. In other words, they are better than airtight – giving you healthier, safer food storage that saves money too.

How is Pac ‘n Vac different from other vacuum storage systems?

Until now, vacuum food storage has meant using special plastic bags and electric sealing machines, or suction tubes and air extraction devices. With Pac‘n’ Vac the box itself creates an instant vacuum – in seconds.

How do I create the vacuum seal?

Simply close the box, snap the special button on the lid shut and press down a few times on the lid. This pressure pushes food-damaging air out through the button, creating an instant vacuum around the food inside. View the video.

What difference does the vacuum seal make?

Tests show that food in a Pac ‘n Vac vacuum sealed box lasts up to 40% longer than it would in an ordinary airtight plastic box. So you cut your household’s food waste, save on food shopping and save time and money on trips to the supermarket.

Are the boxes microwaveable and dishwasher safe?

Yes, Pac ‘n Vac boxes are completely safe to use in the microwave – simply ensure the button on the lid is open while cooking. Because the button lets air escape, you can leave the lid on, preventing the food from spraying or splashing inside the microwave. All our products are also dishwasher safe (lids should go on the top rack of the dishwasher). More about the care of Pac ‘n Vac products.

Can I put them in the freezer?

Yes, Pacnvac vacuum food storage boxes are ideal for the freezer and, because they are resistant to splitting or cracking, you can use them again and again so there is no need for disposable freezer boxes or bags.  They are also fully stackable and with see-through lids so you can easily check the contents.

What is the day dot indicator?

This smart, optional feature enables you to record the day you bought, or stored your food items – or when you want to consume them. Just turn the day dot indicator as required and you will never have to guess the freshness of your stored food ever again!

What are Pac ‘n Vac boxes made from?

Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage boxes are made from BPA-free plastic with silicone seals. The raw materials for the boxes are sourced in the UK and subject to Pac n Vac’s strict quality control procedures. *BPA or Bisphenol A is a chemical often used in the manufacture of food and drink containers and which can behave like oestrogen and other hormones.

What can I use Pac ‘n Vac boxes for?

Any foods you can store in an ordinary food box you can store in a Pac‘n Vac box, including fresh fruit and vegetables, salad stuffs, home made or preprepared food, leftovers, pack lunches, liquids or dry ingredients such as rice or pasta. Pac ‘n Vac is particularly effective when storing fresh items which usually deteriorate quickly in contact with air, such as raw chicken or soft fruit because the vacuum seal expels microbes responsible for food deterioration, ensuring it lasts for up to 40% longer than items stored in normal plastic food boxes, however effective their seal.

Where can I buy Pac ‘n Vac boxes?

You can buy Pac‘n’Vac from selected retailers and also purchase online now, direct from Pac ‘n Vac. You can find full details in our Where to Buy sections and our online Shop.

How do I care for my Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food boxes?

Simply wash your containers in warm soapy water and dry before first use. Thereafter they can be washed or dishwashed in the normal way (put lids on the top rack of the dishwasher).

What if there is a problem?

Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage containers are designed to be ultra-durable. In the unlikely event you experience any problems, our Customer Guarantee means we will replace your item without quibble within 12 months of purchase, if despite following our care guidelines it is faulty in any way.

Can I get replacement parts?

Yes. In the unlikely event that you experience a problem with the lid or box itself, despite following our care guidelines, simply contact us with details and we will post you a replacement without charge.

Can I stack Pac ‘n Vac food storage?

Yes, all our vacuum food containers are designed to be completely stackable, saving you space in your fridge, freezer or on the shelf. And because Pac‘n’ Vac boxes have see-through lids, you can check the contents without opening them, saving you time and trouble.

What other Pac ‘n Vac products are there?

As the perfect complement to your Pac ‘n Vac food storage, we offer Pac ‘n Vac Lunch Pacs – smart, super-insulated handbag-style lunch bags with a food storage box in the base and foom for fruit and a drink in the top.