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Awards and Certifications

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You can feel good about choosing Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage containers over ordinary plastic food storage for so many reasons. As a company we set the very highest standards of customer service, backing our commitment with the Pac‘n Vac Customer Guarantee. Our products are designed to deliver really useful money and time-saving and health benefits to you.

And behind the Pac ‘n Vac name is a British company dedicated to cutting waste, reducing food miles and minimising all our customers’ carbon footprints.

Unbeatable customer service

We back our products with the highest possible standard of service, from your initial purchase to after-sales, whether it is online, via one of our retailers or by phone. Every Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage box is designed to give you the best, most useful food storage for the best possible price. All are backed by our no-quibble one year Guarantee.  And we very much value your feedback, which helps us to continually develop our product range.

Exceptional environmental responsibility

PacnVac aims to lessen the environmental impact of food purchasing, packaging and storage on our local surroundings. It does this by ensuring that the food we purchase is protected from premature deterioration, which in turns minimises food purchases and car trips to the supermarket. And because all Pac n Vac vacuum food storage products are designed, sourced and manufactured in the UK, their carbon footprint is dramatically smaller than the equivalent, ordinary imported food box.

To ensure we are always at the forefront of food safety and sustainability thinking, we work with and share experience with the UK’s leading food standard agencies.


Awards and recognition for Pac ‘n Vac products

In 2014 we submitted our new range of vacuum food boxes for scientific testing by Public Health England, the main UK Government product testing body. A range of food products were purchased from a supermarket just as our customers would do, and each item was divided into two. 50% of each item was placed in a Pac‘n Vac box with its instant vacuum seal and the other 50% in an ordinary plastic food container of the type usually sold in shops. The two types of boxes were then delivered to Public Health England for testing.

The results prove conclusively that the Aerobic Colony Count and Enterobacteriaceae readings were significantly lower in the Pac ‘n Vac box with its vacuum. This is because removing air from the box also minimised the bacteria which damages food, so it stayed fresh and safe for significantly longer. More about the science behind Pac ‘n Vac instant vacuum storage boxes.