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French Food Waste Law Changing How Grocery Stores Approach Excess Food

For once an excellent European Law coming out of France – it is illegal since 2016 for supermarkets to dump food into landfill. We at Pac ‘n Vac wish this could be adopted right across the board in the EU to stop the incredible wasteage of our food resources. Well done the French and come […]

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Chicken scandal –

FREE PAC ‘N VAC BOX -Another chicken scandal rolls on – Guardian Two Sisters article….and these are the ones that are discovered. What about the ones that stay hidden! Best source for chicken which has been well bred, fed and cared for is your local butcher who we should all support. May be a bit more […]

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Worried about the rising price of salad and fruit? Start fighting back, with Pac ‘n Vac instant vacuum food storage.

With the possibility that cheap imports of fruit and salad will become a whole lot dearer, here’s one simple way you can hit back. When food costs more, it makes sense to buy less – and with Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage you can do just that without cutting your consumption because every item […]

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