About Pacnvac

Pac ‘n Vac – instant vacuum food storage without bags or suction gadgets

Pac n' Vac no-fuss vacuum food storage without bags or suction gadgetsIf you want to cut food waste, Pac ‘n Vac is the simple answer. Pac ‘n Vac boxes create a food-saving instant vacuum around food without the need for suction devices, bags or gadgets – because the box itself creates the vacuum.

With Pac ‘n Vac you just close the special valve and press down on the lid as you close the clip sides of the box. In seconds you will have a created a really effective vacuum that keeps the food inside fresh for up to 8 times longer than ordinary clip-sided food boxes. Watch the demo to see just how quick and simple it is.

Pac ‘n Vac uses unique Freshvac food containers technology, where pressure on the box lid creates an effective vacuum without the need for any add-on devices such as suction gadgets or air extraction/bag systems.

Creating this instant food-saving vacuum slows down the rate of bacterial growth and means whatever you store – whether it’s fresh or cooked meat, fruit, salad or home-cooked food – stays safe and looks and tastes better for longer.

Did you know a family with children throws away an estimated £700 of perfectly edible food every year?

With Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage you start cutting that figure down to size from day one … as well as saving on the time and travel costs of supermarket shopping.

So if you want the advantages of vacuum food storage without the fuss, suction gadgets, electric widgets or special bags, the answer is simple. Pac ‘n Vac instant vacuum food storage boxes … where the lid does the work and you sit back and save!

Pac ‘n Vac boxes are available in a wide choice of sizes and colours, are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe and have a handy optional Day Dot indicator to record the date you stored, or want to consume the contents. Buy them now from our secure online shop or call us free on 0800 612 6048.