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Stop press: shoppers will only buy wonky veg at a discount

Last month we reported on how supermarkets’ new ‘wonky veg’ ranges and Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food containers can help to reduce the shocking amount of fruit and vegetables thrown away every year.

However, according to a recent global study, most consumers said they were only willing to buy misshapen fruits and vegetables if they were cheap enough.

Even more disappointing was that fewer than half of British people surveyed said they would buy wonky veg whether it was discounted or not.

Undervaluing our food

Crooked carrots and knobbly potatoes are just as fresh, tasty and nutritious as better looking ones. So shouldn’t all produce be priced fairly? It takes the same time and effort to produce and harvest all every crop after all.

Come on, join the wonky veg revolution and store your produce in Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage containers to reduce food waste.