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Food storage tips, dos and don’ts on keeping food and leftovers safely

use by labelMost of us have a good grounding in food storage basics. But an invaluable article from the NHS not only reminds us that good food storage is about more than just refrigeration but gives some really useful food storage tips when it comes to keeping leftovers.

For example did you know that hot food should be cooled quickly before storing it in the fridge – and that it’s safe to let food cool to room temperature before refrigerating it? And when did you last check that your fridge temperature is set to 5C or below?

So if you enjoyed our previous blog about freezer food storage tips here are some more really clever NHS tips on freezing bananas and eggs (separately!)

For bananas, peel, wrap in clingfilm and freeze in a food storage box (a Pac ‘n Vac 3600ml vacuum food storage container is ideal).

For eggs, crack and beat them, then freeze – perfect when making scrambled eggs, omelettes or a cake. A Pac ‘n Vac 860ml food storage box would be great for this as it is compact and easy to pour from.

There are lots more practical and timesaving food storage tips in the complete NHS food storage guidance article here.

Whether it is meat, fish, eggs, fruit and veg or leftovers, Pac ‘n Vac’s sturdy, stackable boxes with their instant vacuum valve make food storage safer and easier. Add the optional Day Dot indicator and you can also see at a glance when you stored the food or need to use it.

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