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What is the best way to store strawberries, raspberries and other soft fruit? Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage boxes to the rescue …

Pac 'n Vac containers -soft fruitWe’ve all done it. You pick some deliciously fresh-looking soft fruit from your garden, or buy a bargain pack of soft fruit from the supermarket. You put it in the fridge and, a few days later, it has already grown a fur coat or turned to mush.

But that’s all a thing of the past now Pac ‘n Vac new generation vacuum food storage is here. The natural vacuum created by a Pac ‘n Vac box around your soft fruit will preserve it for up to 8 times longer than an ordinary clip-sided food box.

The result: your strawberries are still fresh, shiny and taste perfect when ordinary food storage simply wouldn’t have done the trick.

And you’ll be saving the cost of all that discarded soft fruit and duplicate supermarket purchases.

How does Pac ‘n Vac keep soft fruit fresher for longer?

Unlike ordinary food storage boxes of the type sold in the supermarket, Pac ‘n Vac unique vacuum food storage boxes have their own built-in natural vacuum system.

You pop your fruit in the box, open the unique clip on the top and, as you close the sides, just press a few times on the lid. This expels the air that contains food-damaging bacteria and creates a natural vacuum around the fruit. There’s no need to suction devices, gadgets or special bags. In a few seconds you will have surrounded your soft fruit with a vacuum that will preserve it for up to 8 times longer than an ordinary food box.

Track your soft fruit ‘eat by’ date with the unique Pac ‘n Vac Day Dot Indicator

Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage includes another really practical timesaving feature that saves you writing out labels or marking your vacuum food storage box … The optional Day Dot Indicator on our boxes makes it super-easy to record when you first put the soft fruit in the fridge, or when it should be consumed by. Just select this option when ordering.

Freshness that’s tested and approved by Public Health England

When Public Health England, the main UK food product testing body, put Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food boxes to the test, they took a variety of supermarket foods (including fresh chicken) and placed half of each sample in an ordinary plastic food storage box and half in a Pac ‘n Vac box. After 5 days, they tested both samples. In each case, the Aerobic Colony Count and Enterobacteriaceae readings were significantly lower in the Pac ‘n Vac box with its vacuum. The reason is that by taking air out of the box when the vacuum is created also removes food-damaging bacteria, so the Pac ‘n Vac foods were not only fresher, but safer, for longer.

Make the most of this summer’s soft fruit season – and save!

By stocking up on Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage containers now you can not only be sure that the soft fruit you buy, or pick from your garden or allotment keeps fresh for longer, but you save money too. Think how much soft fruit you normally throw away in the summer. The raspberries that needed picking in the garden, the bargain strawberries in the supermarket, the redcurrants you meant to use for cooking … popping them in Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage means they look and taste perfect for longer.

Time and moneysaving for professional caterers, too

For everyone from restaurateurs, professional cooks and owners of sandwich and snack bars to food demonstrators and food technology professionals, Pac ‘n Vac vacuum storage containers make time and moneysaving sense. Time because they are stackable, go straight from freezer or fridge to table, microwave and dishwasher. Money because not only do they keep all types of fresh, cooked or dry foods fresher for longer but their versatility means you don’t need separate freezer or microwave containers. With Pac ‘n Vac you really can pack it, vac it, stack it and track it!

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