How Pac ‘n Vac no-fuss food storage boxes create an instant vacuum without gadgets, widgets or bags

A question we are often asked is – how do Pac ‘n Vac vacuum food storage boxes differ from other vacuum food storage systems?

The answer is that, with Pac ‘n Vac, there’s no need for air-sucking gadgets, special bags or sealing machines because the Pac ‘n Vac box itself creates the vacuum.

Here’s a demo of how it works.

Pac n' Vac no-fuss vacuum food storage without bags or suction gadgetsSimply close the unique valve on the top of the box and press a few times on the lid as you close the box. Air is pushed out – and an instant food-preserving vacuum surrounds the contents until you want to use them.

It’s as simple as that.

With food-damaging air removed, the growth of the bacteria which cause food to lose its freshness and go ‘off’ is slowed down.

Tests show that food in Pac ‘n Vac vacuum sealed boxes lasts up to 8 times longer than it would in an ordinary airtight plastic box. So you cut your household’s food waste, save on food shopping and save time and money on trips to the supermarket.

You’ll find salad stays crisper, fruit tastes and looks better for longer and everything from lunchbox ingredients to leftovers looks and stays fresh and safe in a way that simply doesn’t happen with ordinary food boxes.

It’s a process we call freshifying.

Tested and approved by Public Health England and endorsed by the Sustainable Restaurant Association and Food Waste Network, Pac ‘n Vac are the new generation of food storage.

It is estimated that a family with children can waste around £700 of useable food a year, by throwing away items which are simply ‘past their best’ but perfectly eatable.

With Pac ‘n Vac instant vacuum boxes to keep your food safer and fresher for longer, you can cut that cost from day one and your boxes not only pay for themselves, but go on making savings month after month.

And without the fuss, gadgets or accessories you need with other vacuum food systems.

So if you want to do something that really does cut your family’s food waste, Pac ‘n Vac food storage really is the simple answer.

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